Central field loss

More than one million persons in France are blind in the central part of their visual field because of non-curable retinopathy (mainly Age-related Macular Degeneration - AMD). Central field loss induces dramatic deficits in several high-level perceptual abilities.

Rehabilitation protocols and visual aid systems

Design and test novel technologies for visual rehabilitation and visual aids where patients will be assisted by personalized head-free methods allowing smart pointing and augmentation to improve their visual perception.

Behavioral studies

Revisit theories about excentric viewing by experimental investigation of patient’s ability to interact through head-free pointing tasks with a VR environment.


Individualization of our solutions will rely on retinal imaging techniques.


To conduct our experiments we are currently developing the Perception Toolbox for Virtual Reality (PTVR). PTVR is a Python library to build easily complex behavioral experiments in VR... and the good news is that we want to share this tool with the vision science community!

Currently looking for an experienced virtual reality developer